New Beginnings: Spring + Scout Lovely

The trees’ bare limbs are filling out with 100 different shades of green, the sidewalks are covered with pink and purple petals, and every car on the street has been kissed with pollen. If I didn’t own a calendar, I’d know by a glimpse out the window and my red and itchy eyes, that it’s the first day of Spring in Atlanta.

Since I’m a sucker for a good metaphor, today seems like the perfect day to launch what some would call a blog, but I’ll call a creative outlet, a passion project, a keep-me-motivated endeavor, and at times letsbehonest, it will be a time-suck or another item on my to-do list that I push until tomorrow.

But for now, it’s new and exciting and springtime and I believe in relishing in the good when it comes.

So, what is Scout Lovely about and why should you follow along? Well, I believe there is a whole lot of lovely in the everyday. To me, scouting out the lovely in the everyday means sipping a cup of coffee out of a cute handmade mug, or conquering the perfect batch of pillowy chocolate chip cookies on a Sunday. It’s an epiphany on an evening walk to the neighborhood park, and it’s handmade stationery that makes writing to-do lists pleasant. Scouting out the lovely sometimes means scouring the internet for an hour for a handmade porcelain platter to fill an empty space on a kitchen wall, and sometimes it means assembling the perfect gift for a friend’s birthday.

More simply put, Scout Lovely is a curation of all of this homebody’s favorite things.

I’ll share with you my admiration for handmade things, style and decor items I can’t live without, some recipes here and there, and lots of inspiration in between. We’ll celebrate the lovely in the everyday here, with things scouted by yours truly.

Cheers to spring!


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