Long Live Houseplant Art

I aspire to be an attentive and nurturing houseplant owner someday.

Try as I might, I can’t seem to keep a houseplant alive. I’ve tried various species, various apartments and googled tips like there was no tomorrow.


I just love what houseplants bring to a space. They are living neutrals that complement any color scheme, adding visual contrast that doesn’t distract. They make a room feel warm and cozy while simultaneously looking bright and sunny. They are the end-all-be-all solution for the “I don’t know what to put here” corner.

But what’s a girl with a black thumb to do? Do you just keep buying these little pretties and watch their inevitable demise like some monster? Maybe. There is something to be said for persistence. Or, you could satisfy your longing for a houseplant with a low maintenance, no water or sunlight needed, piece of art.

Prints, watercolors and paintings of houseplants have all the best qualities that you hope your real-life houseplant BFF will have – they add contrast, bring the bright and sunny and solve for blank space – but, they don’t die. They just hang on your wall in all of their houseplant glory and ask for nothing in return.

Isn’t that lovely? I’ve scouted out my my favorites for my fellow aspirational houseplant owners / actual houseplant neglecters (unite!).

Photo by @ourheiday

Our Heiday: A company that aims to “elevate the everyday” is a company after my heart. Our Heiday has irresistibly charming prints like these house plants among colorful phone cases, stationary, wrapping paper and inspirational quote art. Follow along on Instagram, and purchase online.

Photo by Printable Quirks

Printable Quirks: Printable Quirks has printables like this one with adorable succulents for just $5 – a houseplant costs more than that! Download this precious print on Etsy.

Photo by @littlelowstudio

Little Low: Little Low is one of the cutest shops I ever did find. I love these canvas banners that like a real houseplant, add texture to space. Shop the store online, favorite your favorites on Etsy, and follow along on Instagram.

Photo by Gramercy Studio

Gramercy Studio: Gramercy studio has botanical prints, nursery prints and handmade greeting cards. This print has more personality than your average houseplant, and I love it. Shop more on Etsy.

Maybe someday I’ll find a real, living houseplant that finds my inattentiveness endearing, and can monitor its own sun and water intake because it loves me so much it compensates for my weaknesses.

Wouldn’t that be lovely?

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