Dreamy Weavings

Is Dream Weaver playing in your head yet? Well I’m sure it is now, so let’s proceed!

If you’ve been on Pinterest, design blogs, or even in Target lately, you’ve seen some dreamy weavings. The craft is not new, but the modern take on these textural pieces is Instagram eye candy that I can’t get enough of.

Photo and weaving by @maryannemoodie.

I was first introduced to these modernized dreamy weavings on Instagram a few years ago. I stumbled across @maryannemoodie (a weaving goddess, as far as I can tell), and was then led down an Instagram rabbit hole of extremely talented weavers. Completely enamored and inspired with each new weaver I found, I decided to learn this magnificent craft myself.

I watched a few YouTube tutorials and fashioned a loom out of an old picture frame I had in my closet. Fast forward 3 years later, and that make-shift loom is still hanging in the hallway with half a weaving on it. I keep telling myself I’ll get around to finishing it, but letsbehonest, it’s done.

The problem is my level of inspiration does not always mirror my hustle – oh, the back aches from sitting over that weaving! But that’s where Scout Lovely comes in. I adore these weavers the way I adore potters and knitters and bakers and all kinds of MAKERS. I want to share with you what enamors me about these crafts with 100% admiration for creative gifts and hustle that I don’t always have.

I’ve scouted out some of my favorite weavers for you and hope you’ll be inspired by them too!


Mary Anne Moodie: The aforementioned weaving goddess, a queen of tapestries, OG weaver hailing from Australia now residing in Brooklyn (can you tell I wish we were friends?). Commission her for a weaving or buy one of her weaving kits on Etsy. If you follow along on Instagram, she’ll also post about her weaving workshop tour – wonder if she has groupie openings.


Ju Ju Just: Meet a color fixating genius with an Instagram account that is so colorful and uplifting it may be more useful than a cup of coffee in the morning to get you going. Follower her on Instagram immediately and snag a colorful piece for yourself on Etsy.


Gem + Elli: The masterminds behind these lush mixed media weavings are a pair of twin sisters in Las Vegas. Their Instagram feed is a serious case of boho-chic that you should check out. Shop their weavings on Etsy.


Zoe Loves Ava: A weaver for my fellow color lovers. Zoe Loves Ava has small, medium and large weavings with rich colors, geometric shapes, pom poms and tassels. What more could a girl want? Follow on Instagram and shop on Etsy, stat.


Fly Away Ruby: Another talented Aussie, Fly Away Ruby has tiny, adorable weavings that make we want to have a baby just so I can decorate a nursery – seriously, she even has tiny weavings with tiny catcti! Follow her on Instagram and shop her store.

Nicole Marie and Co.

Nicolle Marie and Co: Nicolle Marie and Co. also has my hear with her collection of minis. Follow her on Instagram for a peek at what’s new in her studio, and treat yourself to a mini weaving at just $40 on Etsy.


Now raise your hand if you suddenly can’t imagine your home without a handmade wall hanging and want ALL THE WEAVINGS?


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