The Best Tote Ever (Seriously)

I believe behind every strong, independent, smart woman is the perfect bag.

Among other things of course, but the bag really is important. The perfect bag provides utility for every minute of your day, carries you from workday to weekend, and most importantly, it lets you live your life without detracting from it in look or feel. Good news: I have found that perfect bag.

Photo by @kmmandco

Friends, meet one of the great loves of my life: My KMM & Co. tote.

KMM & Co. is one of my local favorites that I love stumbling across in craft festivals and Atlanta shops. Each KMM & Co. piece is hand cut and sewn. The company’s dedication to quality and simplicity makes my heart go pitter patter.

Seriously this bag goes with everything – even some side-eye shade at my husband for some reason I don’t even recall.

As I’ve gotten older, I’ve found solace in quality over quantity. I promise that having quality, simple pieces with versatility makes life easier. I’ve had my coveted KMM & Co. tote for a year and a half and it’s gone everywhere with me.


I believe that a bag that goes with you everywhere should wear into a beautiful story of your adventures (or errands), and this tote does just that. The tan tote wears into a delicious patina, and softens to the touch just enough to keep it’s structure standing up, without looking stiff.


Simply put: This tote lets me live my life. During the week, you’ll find my laptop, a makeup bag, a notepad and KIND bars in this catchall. But on a Friday, you might find a sweater and half a CVS aisle of candy that my husband is counting on me to sneak into the movie theater.

Photo by @kmmandco

I know, you’re sold now. Because behind every strong, smart, independent woman is a bag that can carry snacks. Follow @kmmandco on Instagram for the inside scoop on restocks and sales and grab a tote for yourself.

Now since we’re friends here, I do feel compelled to warn you that when you carry one of these beauties around, you will get frequent compliments and inquiries from strangers. But woman to woman, is there anything more lovely than a stranger complimenting your bag?

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