Francophile Feelings

Two years ago this Francophile visited a friend living in London and a stranger asked me if I was French. I’ve been relishing in that compliment ever since and kindly request “once mistaken for a French girl” written on my tombstone.

My only time spent in France was a couple days to Paris spun off from the London voyage, but my love for the French runs deep. I blame my mother for that (among other things).

francophile find: paris buildings

I was raised on the story of Madeline, had an Eiffel tower painting in my bedroom and told if I took French in highscool we would take a trip to Paris someday – but still waiting on that one. If you catch my mom and me on the phone you’ll certainly hear a “bonjour ma petite,” followed by “bonjour mon ami,” mostly because our understanding of the language is limited (try as we might from college French) but also because we know we are the only two crazies that understand each others’ fascinations.

francophile find: photo from the louvre

My mom and I have always shared a love for the effortless flow of the French language, the heir about the culture and forgive me here but, the “je ne sais quoi” they elude.

So today, I’m sharing with you my favorite French finds that are giving this Francophile all the feelings. Enjoy, Mom.

francophile find: wisteria french louis philipe large mirror

Louis Philipe Mirror: Truthfully, I could and probably will do an entire post at some point to soothe my heartache for a 19th century gilded Louis Philipe style mirror in my living room. I once got the cute idea to go to Scott’s Antique Market to find an authentic one to hang dramatically in the living room. I wanted one tall enough to fit about 1/3 of the wall – a grand interior design vision to play with space perception. Unfortunately, I found out pricing for these large, authentic beauties starts around $2,000 (Santa, are you real?). So, for now, enjoy this mass-produced version from Wisteria that is still gorgeous and a bit more palatable.

francophile find: market canvas tote bag chocolate croissant

BambouchicParis: This bag from BambouchicParis’ shop on Etsy reads “bag of chocolate croissants” in French and I’m thinking it could be the most practical bag I’d ever own if I took it with me every Saturday on my half-mile walk to Alon’s for a flaky chocolate croissant. This Paris-based Etsy shop has a variety of bags printed with French wit and a number with colorful imagery as well. You can never have too many canvas totes hanging in your closet.

francophile find: french madeleine tin individual tin

French Madeleine Tin: There is nothing quite as impressive as perfecting a French recipe. And not to toot my own French horn (see what I did there?), but I have found and made the most perfect French madeleines you’ve ever seen and tasted. But today’s not about the recipe. Instead, I am swooning over these vintage French madeleine tins that would hang beautifully on a small narrow kitchen wall. You can find quite a few on Etsy to satisfy you as rustic as your taste desires.

francophile find: french fashion sketch art house of balmain

The Blue Twig: Nothing says Parisian chic like a black and white fashion sketch. The Blue Twig is a shop out of Connecticut that has a collection of rare vintage art finds, as well as original work. This vintage sketch is from the fashion house of Balmain, Paris circa 1960. It’s one of many from the shop that I wish were hanging on my walls.

Ah. Isn’t it lovely to be a Francophile?

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